Save The Tigris

For decades, water politics in the Mesopotamian region have not acknowledged access to water as a human right.

The Tigris-Euphrates rivers have been degraded by megaprojects, pollution, drought and climate change. Local communities have been omitted from genuine participation in the decision-making process over water resources management.

Save the Tigris advocates internationally for the protection and democratic use of the Tigris-Euphrates rivers.

An Iraqi man floats through the Mesopotamian Marshes
A buffalo in the Marsh waters
A fisher boy captured while working on his fishing net

Our Mission

We are a civil society advocacy platform aiming to promote water justice in the Mesopotamian basin. Save the Tigris seeks to link groups and movements from Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran concerned with the protection of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.

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Our Work

Our platform provides international solidarity and supports the exchange of knowledge. We advocate for policies that secure ecological justice including the equitable and democratic use of water in the Mesopotamian region, promoting water as a tool for peace.

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From Clouds to Communities

A new report published by Save the Tigris on rainwater harvesting in Syria.

Since 2020 Syria has been suffering from severe drought, devastating its agricultural capacity. Rainwater harvesting based on local knowledge and traditional techniques could tackle these water scarcity conditions. This report published by Save the Tigris examines the potential of rainwater harvesting in Syria through a review of existing literature in English and Arabic, and proposes practical community-based approaches to adopt rainwater harvesting techniques.

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