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Call: Global Action Day “Sing, play, paint or do something for Hasankeyf”

Call for Global Action Day “Sing, play, paint or do something for Hasankeyf” on 14th September 2019: Do not close Hasankeyf to public! Stop

By coordinator

Call for Global Action Day “Sing, play, paint or do something for Hasankeyf” on 14th September 2019:

Do not close Hasankeyf to public! Stop Ilisu Dam!

Once more we say “It is not too late for Hasankeyf” and call on to stand with actions for Hasankeyf and the Tigris River which are threatened by the Ilisu Dam Project. All people and organizations in favor of life, nature and culture are called to join the Global Action Day “Sing, play, paint or do something for Hasankeyf” on 14th September 2019. It is urgent to act with all our energy and creativity for this outstanding heritage and value; the Turkish government has started to fill the Ilisu Dam reservoir and it declared to close Hasankeyf for the public on 8th October 2019.

Because of the start of filling the dam reservoir, which progresses still slowly as it is summer, few villages have already been flooded and abandonded (of totally affected 199 villages). The risk for people, nature and culture becomes reality. The last big river of the Middle East with its many tributaries could be destroyed soon, the local climate would change dramatically and would be a contribution to the global climate crisis. The 12.000 years old town Hasankeyf with its heritage from two dozen cultures as well as the sparely excavated 300 archaeological sites are under biggest threat. Up to 100.000 people in the affected region would end up mainly in poverty if their livelihoods would be flooded. This would be also the annihilation of a deep memory in Upper Mesopotamia. The adverse affects would be experienced also downstream where live the different people of Iraq (and a bit Rojava/Syria) and use the waters of the Tigris for thousands of years.

We managed to delay the announced start of the filling on the 10th June 2019 due to the broad protests by many people, organizations and artists. But on 23rd July 2019 the government started to fill the dam reservoir without any announcement in a silent way. However, we reject all these steps and planned other steps. The Tigris Valley has not been lost yet, there is so much to save. In particular there is a hope to be won for the nature, culture and people.

Nowadays in our country there are struggles for life and solidarity in Hasankeyf and at the Tigris, the mountains of Ida, Cudi and Munzur, the Salda Lake, the forests of the North and the Middle East Technical University of Ankara and dozens other places against projects of destruction and exploitation.

Let’s raise our voice against this project of destruction, expoitation and hegemony using particularly art on the 14th September. You can play with your instrument and sing, paint on table, walls, paper or any area or perform with other means of art in the public or wherever else. You can decide yourself for any other political action to stand for Hasankeyf and the Tigris and the other sites under threat. There is surely something which you can do for the universal heritage Hasankeyf and the Tigris. Do not allow to destroy an important the heart of our region in order private companies make more profit and states deepen their policies of hegemony and repression.

Very urgently we will request not to close Hasankeyf to the population and public as it was announced by the governor of Batman province for the 8th October. Also very urgent is to stop the filling of the Ilisu dam reservoir. This would be the basis to stop the Ilisu Project and to start a new participative and democrative process on the future of this region. The stop of the Ilisu Project at this and any stage would be a big gain for everybody in our society!

You can already start to do actions in the next days and share their images and videos using the hashtags #HasankeyfİçinGeçDeğil and #SaveHasankeyf. On 14th September at 8 pm (7 pm Central European Time) we will be present in the social media in a strong way with new hashtags. Follow our accounts and website (or contact us) in order to join this crucial action day in order to bring Hasankeyf and the Tigris into the public.

We do not dream when we claim to stop the destructive Ilisu Dam. We all are real like Hasankeyf and the Tigris River with its living beeings which need our solidarity! We never give up our HOPE!

We need the solidarity of everybody in our countries and in the world NOW. And we need the creativity of ALL!

It is not too late, it will be never too late for Hasankeyf and the Tigris River!

Hasankeyf is our culture, Tigris our nature!

Hasankeyf Coordination
(Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive is part of this new big alliance)

Email: hasankeyfgirisimi@gmail.com
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Instagram: @hasankeyfkoord
hashtag: Until evening 14.9.2019: #HasankeyfİçinGeçDeğil and #SaveHasankeyf- on day of social media campaign we will share the new hashtags

More information (in English): www.hasankeyfgirisimi.net