This section lists all publications produced by Save the Tigris on various topics in the Tigris-Euphrates basin, including dams, pollution and heritage protection. These include reports, papers and articles.

  • Article “Environmental and Socioeconomic Challenges of the Al-Hawizeh Marshes” in the 2024 report of World Heritage Watch (p. 127), June 2024.
  • Report “From Clouds to Communities” on rainwater harvesting in Syria, January 2024.
  • Article “The Ahwar of Iraq: Water Scarcity is Persisting” in the 2023 report of World Heritage Watch (p. 130), June 2023.
  • Report on the environmental, social and cultural impacts of the Makhoul Dam in Iraq, July 2022.
  • Report on evaporation losses from dam reservoirs in Iraq, November 2021.
  • Article “The Ahwar of Iraq: Persisting Threats and Paths to Protection” in the 2021 report of World Heritage Watch (p. 127), June 2021.
  • Report on unsustainable bird hunting in the Central Marshes, November 2020.
  • Report “Damming the Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Structural gaps in the KRG dam construction policies”, June 2020.
  • Article “The Mesopotamia Marshes in Peril” in the Heritage Dammed report (p. 58), June 2019.
  • Article “The Ahwar of Iraq: World Heritage in Peril” in the 2018 report of World Heritage Watch (p. 100), June 2018.
  • Report on pollution of the Tigris River in Baghdad, April 2018.
  • Report on the impact of the Daryan Dam on the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, October 2016.
  • Article on mega water projects and the environmental crisis in the Iraqi Marshes in a publication by A Sud (Italy) on environmental migration, 15 July 2016.
  • Article “Civil Society in Iraq: Advocating for the protecting of the Iraqi Marshes” in the 2016 report of World Heritage Watch “Civil Society and Sustainable Development in the UNESCO World Heritage” (p. 86), July 2016.
  • Report “The Ilisu Dam and its impact on human rights in Iraq: the Iraq government’s failure to act” presented to the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Geneva, 4 September 2015.
  • Article on the emergence of ecological movements in the Middle-East, highlighting campaigns for water rights in Iraq in a publication by New Compass (Oslo, Norway) on Social Ecology and Social Change, March 2015.
  • Legal paper on the legal possibilities available to Iraq to respond to the threat posed by the Ilisu Dam as presented by the campaign to the Iraqi government, March 2014.
  • Paper presented by the Save The Tigris Campaign to the International workshop held in Basra, 15-16 February 2014: “Water Quality in Basra: Towards a National Policy and (Inter)national Cooperation”.