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Law Enforcement in the Iraqi Marshes: How Local Campaigners Are Working to Protect the Marshlands’ Biodiversity

The Central Marshes of Chibayish, located in Dhi Qar Governorate, Southern Iraq, suffer from great neglect at all levels despite being a World Heritage Site. Successive Iraq governments…

From the Chibayish District, the Marshes Festival Sends a Call to Iraqis to Protect Nature

After Iraqis celebrated the inclusion of their marshes on UNESCO’s World Heritage List two years ago in July 2016, it was expected that a new stage of recovery…

A common story between Chibayish and Hasankeyf

By Nawras Al-Shabani Translated by Taif Alwachi One of the kids began drawing his portrait, and bestowed it with bright colors, childhood innocence, and the beauty of nature…