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Diyala Social Forum Installs Informational Signs to Prevent Pollution in Khraissan River

The Diyala Social Forum has begun efforts to address these pollution problems in their province. Pointing to the pollution of the Khraissan River, the Diyala Social Forum created…

People of Balad Ruz Constitute A Regiment for the Liberation of Al-Sidoor Dam from Daaesh

Al-Mada Press – Diyala Translated by ICSSI The Board of Diyala province, announced on Sunday that they will be providing funds to hire tankers to transport potable water…

Iraqi Jurists Union Call to Prevent the Construction of the Turkey’s Ilisu dam on the Tigris River

The headquarters of the Iraqi Jurists Union launched a broad campaign to save the Tigris River and the marshes of Iraq, which represent the backbone of life in…