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Youth Water Activists Announce “Euphrates Protectors” in Nasiriyah!

20 passionate youth activists from cities along the Euphrates River have established a network of Humat Al-Forat, “Euphrates Protectors”, a new offshoot of Humat Dijlah (Tigris Protectors) Organisation.…

Environmental and Governmental Organizations Demanding the Revitalization of the Marshlands

 Al-Mada Press, Dhi Qar Environmental and governmental organizations warned on Thursday of the deteriorating environmental situation in the Iraqi Marshes, as a result of the lack of water…

Amount of water in the Central Marshes and Al-Hammar Marshes declines to less than 25%

Al-Mada Press / Dhi Qar The Center for the Restoration of Iraqi Marshes in Dhi Qar province disclosed on Saturday the rate of decline of the water in…