The World Heritage Watch Report 2023 is out!

The World Heritage Watch Report 2023 is out! It contains reports on 45 World Heritage sites from around the globe, 2 sites which should be on the WH List, and special reports about the damages to the WH Sites in Turkey and Syria which have suffered from the earthquake in February. The report features an article on the current status of the Iraqi marshlands, the Ahwar of Iraq.

There are many urgent cases covered in the WHW Report where UNESCO should step in immediately. Some of them are destroyed right now, but they are not even on the agenda this year. UNESCO needs an efficient rapid response mechanism, including a sanctions regime.

While the Report does not provide a thorough analysis of every World Heritage site, it contains reports that global civil society actors have submitted, which are based on in-depth understanding of both local realities and domestic politics.

Download the full report from…/world-heritage…/

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